Science and Technology Library

Science and Technology Library was established in 1930. During its existence the library formed a unique collection of natural science, technical, humanitarian, socio-economic, reference, fiction in support of scientific, educational, educational process.

NTB All activity is based on a rich tradition in the field of library and bibliographic service, the use of innovation in the field of information support of science and higher education, the high qualification of the personnel. The library is primarily contributes to the high quality of teaching and research university research by forming, organizing, library fund storage and provide it to the use of students, staff and alumni of the University, as well as other users.

  Library staff - 65 people . The library includes 3 season ticket - tickets for scientific, educational, fiction; four reading rooms; 18 library items in the departments and hostels . Scientific Library annually serves more than 13 thousand readers and gives them about 650 000 thousand. Copies. documents .

      Currently, the library stock is about 904 thousand. Copies. volumes for the various branches of knowledge . The fund includes scientific and educational literature, periodicals and publications, review and abstract publications, thesis and dissertation abstracts, normative and technical documentation and patent literature, rare books, publications in foreign languages on paper and electronic media. Widely presented literature and new specialties and disciplines: Applied Linguistics, Documentation, engineering psychology, finance, nanotechnology.

      Each year, the Foundation has more than 12 thousand. Copies. new literature and about 240 titles of periodicals .

      Since 2002, STL used the automated library-information system "UFD / Library" , which allows you to automate all the complex areas of the library.
OPAC- is part of the electronic library created by NTBs in real time. OPAC- multifunctional database and is available around the clock with the site NTBand network library during its opening hours.