The department has a modern research base, training laboratories, a computer class with PEOM. The total area of the premises, which is assigned to the department is 911 м2

Laboratory of Composite Structures

 It contains about a hundred samples of composite structures, elements of composite-metal connections, as well as parts of aviation aggregates made of composites. In the laboratory there are also stands for research to determine the stiffness characteristics of composite structures. Designed to study the disciplines associated with the design and construction of composite structures, as well as the mechanics of composite structures.     

Laboratory of non-metallic materials    

The equipment for research of properties of polymers, rubbers, fibrous materials, glues and sealants is presented. It is intended for conducting laboratory practical courses: Aviation materials science (Non-metals), Chemical basis of polymer production, Composite materials and technologies. 


Laboratory of Metals

It has equipment for heat treatment of metals with subsequent determination of their hardness and microstructure. Used to conduct classes in engineering materials science.



Laboratory of Electroradiomaterials

Laboratory equipped with special equipment for determining the electrically conductive properties of materials used in electro radio electronics and therefore used to conduct classes at the course "Electroradiomaterials". 



Training class

Class Equipped with computer technology and is used to conduct lessons on 3d modeling and calculation of composite structures by the finite element method, as well as for teaching students in engineering programming (PYTHON).


Laboratory of Manufacturing of Composite Structures

It is based on the Scientific Research Laboratory of Composite Materials. The laboratory has the following equipment: a furnace, an autoclave, a laser projector, a winding machine, an installation for continuous winding of pipes, for the manufacture of reference standards: a 3D printer, a bursting machine, a video extensometer with a high-speed camera for measuring displacements.