Lecture Notes and Labs for Aviation Materials Course

Here you can DOWNLOAD (*.doc) version of "Aviation materials" (metals) labs (rar.archive).

Note: printing as it is is possible (in the "given" version two pages on one sheet of paper was used).

Labs are conducted in the 106 room of impulse building (1st floor, enter building, turn left, SEEK label 106 on the door).


QUESTIONS FOR Aviation Materials (metals) course   - *.pdf.


Links for Labs Textbook downloading (*.pdf)

Part 1 - Metals and Alloys

Part 2 - Non-metals and Composites


Link for Lecture Notes in pdf-format

Aviation Materials part 1 - Metals and Alloys

Aviation Materials part 2 - Non-metals and Composites


Pictures of steels and cast irons microstructures can be downloaded here.


Here you can DOWNLOAD (*.doc) version of "Aviation materials" (Non-metals) labs (rar.archive).


Updated RULES of Knowledge Estimation (*.doc) can be downloaded here.


Questions for examination for the course of Aviation materials - Non-metals r can be downloaded here.