For Applicants

Composite materials or composites are materials of our future. Entire potential properties of composites aren’t realized fully nowadays. Engineering of composites is based on reasonable by composition and structure model realized by nature in everything living – from human and animals tissue an bones to plants.

Composites properties are quite various and unique simultaneously truly. They combine low density, high specific mechanical characteristics, advanced manufacturability and possess significant prospects of consumer properties development.

Composites consists of thin high strength fibers joined with polymeric, metal and ceramic binders and inherits properties both fibers and joining binder.



The principal thing of composite articles design is creativity of the process because both material and structure are manufactured simultaneously. This makes the profession of specialist on composites design to be interesting, creative but quite complicated. The distinctions of the engineer is in ability to design and create complex engineering objects made of composites, foresee and forecast new materials with the advanced characteristics for exact article and each structural element of rocket, airplane, ship, car, sport and medicine goods.


More deeply the contents of education can be found in graduating plan of the specialty. For a five years students study higher mathematics, physics, drawing geometry, theoretical mechanics, informatics, mathematical modeling, special chapters of mechanics and mathematics, engineer and computer graphics, mechanics of materials and structures, material engineering, theory of machines and mechanisms, electro-techniques and electronics, fundamentals of the theory of control, physical-chemical fundamentals of manufacturing processes, mechanics of reinforced materials and composite structures, design of aircraft composite structures, composite articles manufacturing, quality control of composite articles, application of composites in national economy, economics and management. Students having the best score of can study according to individual graduating plan after the third year of studying under the guidance of leading scientists and teachers of the department to get deeper knowledge in separate disciplines and most actual scientific field of research. On the fifth and sixth years of studying in accordance with Master graduating program students have ability to pass exams of post graduate courses. Department organizes daily and distant post-graduate courses by specialties:

  • - Design, manufacturing and testing of aircrafts;
  • - Mechanics of deformable solids.


Main enterprises for practical internship conduction are: Zhukovski National Aerospace University “KhAI”, Kharkiv State Aviation Manufacturing Enterprise, “FED” Corporation (Kharkiv), Stage Enterprise “Antonov”, Production Association “Yuzhniy machine-building plant” and State Design Bureau “Yuzhnoe” (Dnepropetrovsk), JS «Motor-Sich», Zaporozhe Motor-building Design Bureau «Progress» (Zaporozhe), Private Company “Avia-Pro”, (Kherson, and other enterprises and organizations. For English- or German-speaking students internship in foreign universities funded by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science is possible.


There is strong demand on graduates of the department because in case of all students distribution on specialized aeronautical enterprises they satisfy the demand on 70…80% only. The salary of post-graduate student, young teacher or scientist of the university is more than 2500 hrn per month.

Graduates of the department are invited for a job by private enterprises of Ukraine, European and American countries engaged in manufacturing of airplanes, ships, medicine and sport equipment and goods.

In process of education students take participation in scientific-research studies and specialized scientific programs funded by EU – EOARD, SENARIO, ALCAS, WASIS (, KhAI-ERA ( and others and also by enterprises of Russian Federation:

- JS ORPE «Technologiya, (Obninsk, – leading enterprise on application of composites in aeronautical engineering;

- JS SRPSC, (Khotkovo, Moscow region, – leading enterprise on application of composites in rocket-building.