International Project SENARIO



Project title: Advanced Sensors and Novel Concepts for Intelligent and Reliable Processing in Bonded Repairs. Project acronym: SENARIO. Project no.: AST5-CT-2006-030982. Instrument: STREP. Thematic Priority: Aeronautics and Space


The main target of the SENARIO project is to improve the repeatability and reliability of bonded composite repairs to degraded aircraft structure via in-process monitoring and feedback control of the bonding process. The development of sensing (dielectric, wireless and optical) and the integration of material state monitoring to the hot bonder equipment (heating blanket) are among the main technological objectives. In particular, the dielectric sensors for patch materials and the wireless sensors embedded in the bond line during adhesive cure will provide real time information to enable enhanced process control and to facilitate quality control with traceable history of the material conditions. The material modeling activities in the project are particularly significant as the models allow the translation of the sensor signal to actual material condition and the final state of the repair process. Furthermore, the models will allow the use of the sensor signal for closed loop feedback control of the repair process and the increased reliability of the procedures through minimization of variables introduced by different operators.