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Together with the Department for the Design of Rocket-Space Apparatus, the collection of scientific works "Issues of Design and Production of Aircraft Constructions" are published in the famous journals, which is included in the list of profile publications of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine.
The articles devoted to questions and problems are accepted for publication:

- design and construction of aircraft, their aggregates, units and elements,

s well as technical facilities related to aerospace technology;
- aerodynamics and flight dynamics;
- technologies for aerospace engineering;
- organization of production of aerospace engineering;
- ensuring the safety and reliability of its operation;
- calculation of aggregates and structural elements for strength, rigidity, stability,

fatigue and specific operating environment impacts;
- aerospace materials science (traditional and composite materials,

Protective coatings, etc.);
- rationing and calculation of external impacts on the aircraft;
- development of integrated aircraft design systems.

The requirements for the design and presentation of manuscripts can be found here.